The Border Reivers

The Nobles were a small family originating from the hamlet of Nobletown near Bewcastle, a beautiful and wild area of Cumbria on the border of Cumbria and Scotland.

This area is on one of the main Reiver routes to and from Scotland and experienced much Reiver activity during the period. It is still worth exploring today.

Halbert or ‘Hobbie’ Noble was a well known member of the Noble clan.  He was friendly with the Armstrongs and played a major role in rescuing an Armstrong from Newcastle jail.  For this and other crimes he became a wanted man. He was finally captured and executed in the city of Carlisle.

When England and Scotland united, the Noble family and a number of other smaller families were forced to move south as there was no reiving to support them.  Some also moved east towards the area which is now Newcastle. Others moved further afield with some finally settling in America.