The Border Reivers

The name Hall referred to someone who lived or worked at a hall.  The Hall family settled in the Scottish valleys of Teviotdale, Liddesdale and Redesdale in Northumberland.  The Halls were a relatively powerful family living alongside the Milburns, Potts, Storeys, Reeds and Hedleys in Redesdale.

The Reeds were at feud with the Crozier clan from Liddesdale.  Parcy Reed, the leader of the Reed clan was appointed as the Keeper of Redesdale, which aroused the jealousy of the Halls who cunningly invited Parcy to join them on a hunt, knowing that a Crozier raid was imminent.  The Halls welcomed Parcy to their home but sabotaged his weapons so they wouldn’t work.  The next day, whilst on the hunt they stumbled across the Crozier clan.  Parcy felt obliged to stand up to the Scottish raiders when the Halls refused to assist.  The bloody event is portrayed in the ‘Ballad of Parcy Reed’ where it is claimed that Parcy received 33 wounds and his hands and feet severed.  This act of treachery ensured that the Hall clan were despised for centuries later throughout the Borders.

Today the family name is most often found in Northumberland and Yorkshire.